Real Benefits of Knowing Your Organization's 'Why'

Your why is at the core of all of your messaging. It is both the most important thing to communicate to your audience and also the belief that informs every single story or image you share. 

I'm Writing a Book About Digital Strategy

I've been inspired by the teaching I've done through the Ignite Academy to write down, all in one place, the ideas that help purpose-driven organizations reach their audiences and ignite real action. 

Starting from Zero: Building a Social Media Presence from Scratch

Your digital media strategy should start with the big questions first. No. 1: Why? What are you hoping to achieve as an organization? Then ask how social media can help reach those goals.

The World Is Your Oyster: Writing for an International Audience and Localization

When you write for the Internet, you write for the whole world. But how should your organization make sure that its content is easy to understand, helpful, and appropriate for an international audience?

From Vague to Clear: Showing Your Organization’s Commitment to Diversity

Your ability to engage with the world depends on your ability to see, and respect, just how diverse the people around you are.

The Social Media Scourge of 2016: The Rise (and Hopefully Fall) of Click-Bait

In the past year, not only has low-quality, click-bait content reached a fever pitch in our newsfeeds and on the websites we frequent, but the consequences of click-bait have begun to be felt in American culture, journalism, and political life.

Predicting the Future: How Should Nonprofits Plan for Change in 2017?

Change is inevitable as tomorrow. Rather than predict the future, we at Ignite took some time to look ahead and consider how best to prepare for the next year.

Ignite’s 2016 Year-End Roundup, Part Two

We’ve been at work on our own top ten list for 2016. Last week, we shared numbers 10 to 6 of our most popular blog posts of the year. This week, we’ve got the top 5 for you.

Ignite’s 2016 Year-End Roundup, Part One

Purpose-driven organizations must walk a fine line between their goals and their abilities. At Ignite, we know that impactful strategy relies on looking backward as well as forward.

Why Some Organizations Don’t Get the Participation They Deserve

If you offer a solution, people with the corresponding problem will use it, right? Unfortunately, nonprofits and purpose-driven organizations are finding that is not always true.